Barbie automaton

This is an experiment where I somewhat bring a doll to life, an automaton if you like.

It consists of an Arduino pro mini, an adafruit pwm led driver and a tower pro sg90 servo.

only 5 euros!

something is odd with that neck

the plastic is harder to cut than thought

glueing the servo to the neck
i had to glue the neck itself as well as it consists of two halves
there's also all kinds of supporting plastic in it

glued the servo to the back
initially I wanted to somehow put the servo in the doll but they're all too thin for that
I also planned putting leds in the hands, maybe fingers, but again: too small

drilling two holes through the skull for LEDs in the eyes went not as planned

her head is empty (...) so I could easily put the LEDs in her eyes

gave her a waistband (aka cable holder)

head can still rotate

almost looks as intended!

base plate engraved with lasercutter

leds and mounting holes


here's a video of the thing moving:

arduino menu

Inspiration for this:

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