patches for the linux kernel

The random PID patch has moved to a seperate page: here.

exit-2.4.2.patch.bz2 - a very small and trivial patch which optimises the code executed when a process ends. Safes about 2 clock-cycles (rough guess) :o) Patch against 2.4.2

This patch adds 2 lines to /proc/stat: read n_read, n_read_bytes and write n_written n_bytes_written which enables tools like sar to give more output. This patch was not tested yet and is a patch to kernel 2.2.18.

This page contains security related patches and information, Linux centered.

The following 2 patches (the ones for 2.2.16) are not only broken, they're also far from complete and do not work at all anyway.
I'll keep them here, though, so that you can have a good laugh.

The following patch(es - real soon now :o)) do work. At least, they should.

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