sample_load - a load logger

sample_load is a highly configurable load-logger. It has some features I desperately needed when I was involved in the development of a the ""-website.
sample_load takes a sample of the load-average of your system with a configurable interval. You can also set the minimum load for which samples should be logged. The maximum load (again; configurable) indicates at what load sample_load should terminate itself.
The the layout of the timestamp can be anything what the "strftime" C-function lets you define.
From version 2.0, sample_load can also log the amount of memory in use (physical/swap). sample_load has a configurable buffer-size, this is to prevent artificially higher load because of frequent open/write/close filesystemcalls.
Version 3.0 has a new option enabling the logging of the process that used the most cpu-time. sample_load can now also automatically shoot a process using too much cpu-time or memory (all configurable).
Users of version 3.x: please update to 3.6! 3.0/.5 contains a bug causing random processes to be killed!
Support: none. But you could give it a try on irc. Connect to, channel 'sample_load'.
Thanks to Nexus B.V. for allowing me to place this application on my site under the GPL-license.

License: GPL

The sourcecode of this program can be downloaded via this link: sample_load-3.8.tgz.
Using internet explorer and trying to download sample_load.tgz? Press the right button on the file, pick "save as..." and enter "sample_load-3.8.tgz". That should do it.

Do you like this program? You can find my C.V. here :o)

For some serious performance analasys under Linux, have a look at atsar.


January 19, 20053.8SQL output did not work for all databases. Fixed.
August 2, 20043.7Logging of process that used the most cpu-time did not work. Fixed.
October 27, 20003.65No longer uses /dev/tty, uses /dev/stdout instead so piping works again.
October 23, 20003.6Fixed bug causing processes to be killed, even when option was disabled. Please update to this version!
October 18, 20003.5The program now can log into a SQL-database. The package finally includes a man-page (sort of :-]).
October 16, 20003.0Added logging of proces which uses the most cpu-time, added kill-option for processes using too much memory or cpu-time
September ??, 20002.1Memory-amount logging can now optionally be done in KB/MB/GB.
September 11, 20002.0Added logging of memory-in-use (physical/swap), fixed bug where outputfile had to exist
July 31, 20001.0Initial release
Slackware packages

P.s.: have a look at '
atsar'. It is a port of the famous 'sar'-tool to Linux. It is essential when doing performance analysis. You can find it here:

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