O2OO notes

does my car have a CAN bus adapter?

If it is an american car made after 1996, then it definately has one. If it is an european car made after 2001 (gasoline)/2003 (diesel), then it also must have this interface.

Look for a connector within 3 feet (91cm) from the steering wheel that looks like this (color might differ):

this image was taken from wikipedia


So far this program has been tested under Linux with a Chrystler PT Cruiser of 2007, an Opel Insignia of 2012 and a Toyota Auris of 2012.

Communication with the Opel Insiginia failed a couple of times during test-drive with "CAN ERROR" errors. This might have been caused by the "-f" (full speed) flag being used at that time. Version 0.3 will handle these errors by restarting communications (and not aborting the program).

known problems

The program may abort (at start!) due to an unexpected 0x51 byte received. In that case, restart the program.
If this problem persists, please contact me.
Another problem is caused by the "modemmanager" package: when a serial device is plugged in (ELM327, GPS), this program scans it to see if it is a modem. If at that time O2OO-collector is running, O2OO-collector gets confused. So either uninstall modemmanager, disable it or wait until it has finished before starting O2OO-collector.

location of CAN-bus connector

The CAN bus standard prescribes that the CAN bus connector is within 3 feet of the steering wheel.
For the list below it is assumed that the steering wheel is on the left of the car.

On this page you can find a list of vehicles with pictures showing the locations of their OBD connectors.

Opel Insignia: slightly left of the center of where the driver is seated:

PT Cruiser: at the left side of the steering wheel, halfway the steeringwheel base and the pedals

Toyota Auris: almost at the left, under the panel

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