QueenBee - a very well scaling scalable chess program

what it is about

In November 2014 I'll participate in the CSVN computer chess tournament with my program called QueenBee.

It's strength is that it scales almost infinite: just add more computers and it'll become faster and faster.

My request now is: please run the QueenBee program on your computer(s) during the tournament (8 + 9 and 15 + 16 November of 2014). Your computer will then help calculate the best move (when you look at the window in which the program is running, you'll see what it is doing).

where to get the program

download links:

Please upgrade before 15 November

notes on participating

Note that this may spin up the fans of your computer. Apart from a bit of noise this should be harmless (well unless your computer is already close to overheating due to e.g. lots of dust in it). Also note: if you had enough of it and/or want to shut of your computer: no problem; you can join and leave anytime you want! No harm done and all help is appreciated.

You can run it anytime you want by the way: occasionally I do some testing.

Your computer may ask if QueenBee is allowed to setup an internet connection to my server. Please allow it to do so: via that connection my server tells it what to work on.

Oh and please please please make sure your computer has the correct time setup. Most mac and windows pcs automatically sync against time.apple.com and time.microsoft.com or so so they should be fine in theory. And most standard Linux pcs sync against pool.ntp.org. But I noticed already that occasionally ntp is not running or the configuration is not set correct. And then your computer may stop too late (bad) or too early (slightly less bad) calculating the move.

getting in touch

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: mail@vanheusden.com

There's also an IRC channel: #queenbee on chat.freenode.net!