Acctail shows resource usage of processes that have exited. E.g. cpu-time, memory usage, I/O, etc.


2.0: Now also works with v3 BSD accounting
1.4: When the program exits, elaborate statistics for each proces that ran can be outputted
1.3: Pressing ctrl+c no longer leaves garbage lying around
1.2: This is the first release which runs on MacOS X
1.0: Initial release


Slackware packages

Please note

When using this program with Linux, you must have BSD-accounting enabled in the kernel!




 acctail nicely runs in a MultiTail window (in which it can be filtered, merged, and much more).
 atop by AT Computing uses the same technique for obtaining resource-information for each individual process as acctail does. By using BSD accounting also processes are shown which live very shortly (often missed by the regular '(GNU) top' utility).

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