What is it?

Autoplay connects two xboard/winboard protocol complaint chess engines and lets them play against each other. The result will be logged in a easily parseable logfile and after the result of the game is known, a specific exit-code is returned (0=white won, 1=black won, etc).

How to run it?

GNUChess versus Pos

autoplay -1 "gnuchess -x " -2 "java -Xmx256M -jar pos --io-mode xboard" -r -l gnuchess_v_pos.log

Sjeng versus GNUChess

autoplay -1 sjeng -2 "gnuchess -x" -l sjeng_v_gnuchess.log

Engines running on seperate computers

This example runs gnuchess on computer 'B' with white and sjeng on computer 'A' with black:
Computer B (slave):
autoplay -P 7788 -0 "gnuchess -x"
Computer A (master):
autoplay -1 "client:B:7788" -2 "sjeng" -v -r


Please report all bugs/traps/etc. to If possible, include a screendump.
Download link:autoplay-0.7.tgz.
Previous release:autoplay-0.6.tgz.


An announcement- and discussion mailinglist has been started on which I will announce new versions of my chess-programs and things related to chess.
Send an e-mail to with in the subject 'subscribe chess' to subscribe.


 Sjeng versus Pos
 GNUChess versus Pos
 Crafty versus GNUChess


2006-12-010.7added PGN-output support, the chess engines are now also informed about the results, added time-control
2006-10-080.6added a timelimit/number of moves limit
2006-09-220.5made it compatible with Phalanx, ply depth can be set
2006-09-150.3autoplay can now also connect a remote running chess engine! that way each engine has all cpu-time available (for pondering!)
2006-09-110.2some fixes to get it to work with more engines (most engines do not implement the xboard protocol specifications very strict), switching pondering on/off did not work
2006-09-060.1first release


 XBoard/WinBoard protocol specifications
 ICSdrone lets you to put your chess engine to the test by making it available as an opponent for the 100,000+ players on the Internet Chess Servers
 PolyGlot interfaces a UCI protocol "speaking" chess engine to a WinBoard/XBoard compatible UI or autoplay(!)

Compatible engines

 Pos
 Belofte
 Chispa
 ColChess
 Crafty - autoplay doesn't recognize its move (they are SAN moves) but passes them 'as is' to the other engine, this at least works with Pos v1.11 and GNUChess
 Faile
 GNUChess
 Gosu
 HoiChess
 Matheus
 Phalanx
 Sjeng
 Yace

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