what is it?

baa converts a bitcoin address to an audio-file. It can also convert an audio-file back to the original textual bitcoin address. Do not pull it through MP3 or so (altough FLAC should be fine).

The format of the audio-file (how to interprete the sound) is described in the included readme.txt.

This program requires the GMP, libsndfile and openssl libraries.


Latest release:baa-0.4.tgz

0.3:new audio format which includes the address checksum as well, also the format no longer depends on the sample rate
0.4:this version also includes a decoder! so now you can decode the audio back to the original bitcoin address (in text). please note that this version is not compatible with the output of earlier versions (including version 0.3) due bugfixes in the base58 encoder/decoder


Here's an example sample of the address 1LVyTtygdCnESJcQWE136nxKjNr6s4qB5f: btc-address.wav (this is a real BTC address and yes you may send bitcoins to it).

Spectogram of the sample above:

click on image for bigger


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