BOINCTail displays the status of jobs running in the BOINC environment in a 'tail-like' way.
That way one doesn't need an X-server to be able to monitor for example setiathome or lhcathome.

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a distributed computing infrastructure, originally developed out of the SETI@home project, but intended to be useful to fields beyond SETI.


Download link:boinctail-0.2.tgz


 BOINCTail nicely runs in a MultiTail window (in which it can be filtered, merged, and much more).
 boinc_curses is a complete manager for the console.


0.2: now also displays the state of a project
0.1: initial release


BOINCTail running in a MultiTail window(!)

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