Computer Chess

Chess programs I wrote

  • Embla
    Like DeepBrutePos but in C++ and more like all other chess programs.
  • QueenBee
    QueenBee is an experiment in monte carlo and distributed computing.
  • DeepBrutePos
    The even later incarnation of my chess program. This one is written in Java and is brute force. It later became DeepBrutePos/PuppetMaster: a program which doesn't play chess itself but asks 7 other programs what they would do in a position. Then the most often chosen is played.
  • pos
    The latest incarnation of my chess program. Written in Java. It is the first which played legal chess and does not crash. It doesn't use a search-tree(!).
  • cpp1
    My second attempt at a chess-program, in C++. Like bullucks this was written way before I had internet access and thus access to sources of information on the computer chess topic. Cpp1 and bullucks don't always play valid chess and also crash often.
  • bullucks
    My first chess program. Written in C.

The battle

I let (occasionally) a couple of chess engines battle on an old intel core2 quad @ 2.4GHz/8GB of mine. Merely to see how my own chess program advances but it is nice to see how other engines perform. The results of that can be found here.
If you want your engine to participate then send an e-email. It must be a 64-bit program capable of running on Linux. Currently only UCI is supported but it is expected that xboard will be supported soon too.

Datamining & chess

I wrote an article on chess and datamining. You can find it here.

Datamining the chess-games of individuals

Chess & Datamining: analysing Gary Kasparov
Chess & Datamining: analysing Hans Bohm

Letting two engines automatically play against each other

This can be achieved with autoplay.

Debian Testing chess engine tournaments

The 'Debian Testing' chess engine tournaments can be found here.

My collection

I'm collecting chess programs. Please help extend it.



I also wrote a Go program which can be found here.


I also wrote a Stratego program which can be found here.