Computer Chess

Chess programs I wrote

  • Micah
    Like Embla but using MkChan's libchess.
  • Embla
    Like DeepBrutePos but in C++ and more like all other chess programs.
  • Feeks
    Like Embla but written in Python.
  • QueenBee
    QueenBee is an experiment in monte carlo and distributed computing.
  • DeepBrutePos
    The even later incarnation of my chess program. This one is written in Java and is brute force. It later became DeepBrutePos/PuppetMaster: a program which doesn't play chess itself but asks 7 other programs what they would do in a position. Then the most often chosen is played.
  • pos
    The latest incarnation of my chess program. Written in Java. It is the first which played legal chess and does not crash. It doesn't use a search-tree(!).
  • cpp1
    My second attempt at a chess-program, in C++. Like bullucks this was written way before I had internet access and thus access to sources of information on the computer chess topic. Cpp1 and bullucks don't always play valid chess and also crash often.
  • bullucks
    My first chess program. Written in C.

Article(s) written for CSVN

Datamining & chess

I wrote an article on chess and datamining. You can find it here.

Datamining the chess-games of individuals

Chess & Datamining: analysing Gary Kasparov
Chess & Datamining: analysing Hans Bohm

My collection

I'm collecting chess programs. Please help extend it.



I also wrote a Go program which can be found here.


I also wrote a Stratego program which can be found here.

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