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Clewarecontrol lets you control the USB-devices made by Cleware GmbH.
You can measure the temperature or humidity, switch on and off and configure switches, control the watchdog, etc.
List of their products: click here.

Since version 2.4, also a library is included which lets you use Cleware devices from your Python and Perl scripts.

Some of the devices supported (clewarecontrol supports all Cleware devices, these are just examples):

16 port I/O adapter Status display Temperature/humidity sensor Watchdog/switch
Accu controller Warning light 4 ports power switch 8 ports power switch
Click on a picture to jump directly to the Cleware product-page.

What you'll find in the tgz-file

The package consists of 'clewaretool' - the tool to manage the Cleware devices under Linux.

Also you'll find in the 'examples'-directory a couple of scripts:
  • a script to generate graphs using RRDtool
  • a script for nagios that monitores the temperature and raises an alarm if something goes wrong
  • a startup script for RHEL/SLES/Debian/Ubuntu which starts the watchdog functionality

And since version 2.4 also libraries for Perl and Python are included.

The readme.txt file also describes how to use the program with each kind of device.


Please note that a Linux kernel of at least version 2.6.8 is required.
Make sure you have the 'usbhid' kernel module loaded.


If you have problems running version 4.4, try using version 2.8 - there were problems with the 4.0 branch which may have been resolved.

ClewareControl can be found on GitHub since version 4.0. You are welcomed to make changes there and send pull-requests!

Stefan Schoenberger created a library for ruby which can be found on GitHub as well.


5.0 Updated the Cleware support code; support for new devices!
4.4 Resolved some USB-issues, fixes for python library, improved the on-line help.
4.3 Binary packages.
4.1 Fixes for hidapi handling. This may solve connectivity problems. Especially on macos x this was a problem.
4.0 This version now uses "hidapi" to talk to the devices. This is sligthly higher level code enhancing the portability.
2.5 Updated manual, creating python/perl libraries now also installs them
2.4 Added bindings for Perl and Python so that you can now easily develop programs that interface to Cleware procuts


Please DO NOT contact Cleware if you encounter any problems while using clewarecontrol with Cleware-devices, instead contact me.

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