Here you can find the MacOS X version of clewarecontrol.

It has been compiled and tested on version 10.11 (El Capitan) of MacOS. Older versions of MacOS X may not work.

For this software to run, you need the "hidapi" library. Either get it from as sourcecode (you then also need the xcode software package (from Apple) to compile it) or install it from homebrew.

The output looks like this:

	MacBook-Pro-van-Corina:clewarecontrol naam$ sudo ./clewarecontrol -l
	Cleware library version: 330
	Number of Cleware devices found: 6
	Device: 0, type: Switch1 (8), version: 23, serial number: 5980
	Device: 1, type: Temperature sensor (16), version: 8, serial number: 103069
	Device: 2, type: Contact 00 device (48), version: 12, serial number: 4202
	Device: 3, type: Switch1 (8), version: 64, serial number: 900000
	Device: 4, type: AC0800 device (80), version: 5, serial number: 850000
	Device: 5, type: Humidity sensor (32), version: 6, serial number: 7548

	Mac-mini:hidapi folkert$ sudo ./clewarecontrol -d 103069 -c 2 -rt
	Using device with serial number: 103069
	Temperature: 29.250000
	Temperature: 29.250000
So please note that this is a command-line program. You can use to run it from. is included in MacOS X by default.
And also please note that since el capitan, you need to put "sudo" before the clewarecontrol command.

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