Cloudish - an anonymizer

What is it?

Cloudish is an anonymizer. It strips cookies and other information that compromise your privacy. But that's not all: Cloudish can be setup in a group of anonymizers hiding you. For a more eleborate explanation and a different implementation of the concept visit the site of AT&T.



You can now download the sourcecode tar-ball for UNIX:
cloudish-1.41.tgz.asc signed with my PGP-key. My public PGP key is available on my feedbackform.
You will need this library (OpenSSL).


You can also download the binary for WIN32: (v1.41)
You also need this file ( which contains some neccessary DLL-files


You will also need to have (and/or create) a certificate or use the one from the tar-ball (which is, to say the least, not so secure).

New & News

25 Jan 20021.38it was possible to do a denial-of-service attack against Cloudish, that is (hopefully) resolved. also; you now get a nice error-message when the Cloudish-proxy(s) cannot connect to the destination host
24 Jan 20021.3implemented a more robust configurationfile loading mechanism, also implemented Squid v1.1 alike logging. no addresses of clients, of course(!) so it's only usefull for (and intended for) statistics
20 Jan 2002an article on Cloudish was written on a Czech site: link
8 Jan 20021.2access-lists have been implemented. see Cloudish.ini for usage


When using cloudish, be sure you can trust the cloudish-servers to which you are connecting directly(!). If 'they' have added extra logging or so, you're still vulnerable.


Follow this link for a simple HOW-TO. It also contains some more info on how things work.
Also an article in Czech on Cloudish was published. From what I understand of it, it also explains how to install and configure things. Link (in case it disappears: here's a mirror).


I've done some performance-tests.
The setup:
infrastructure for performance test
All PC's were connected to the same switch(!). A test-download was performed with a file of 370MB of data.
In test A, the download-speed was 820KB/s with peaks of 1.1MB/s.
In test B, the download-speed was a fairly constant 2.1MB/s.


mirror at my account at XS4ALL
mirror at my local webserver (through a XS4ALL-ADSL connection)
mirror at pindarots (through a XS4ALL-ADSL connection)
mirror at (through a XS4ALL-ADSL connection)

Why should I use it anyway?

If you're living in The Netherlands, you just might like to listen to this link. It's a real-audio file.
Another more general link is this one.
If you have any other links, please send them in an e-mail.

One last thing...

Please send me an e-mail if you're using this program!

Supporting the development

You can send me small donations through PayPal:
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Last change: December 13, 2002