What is it?

This console-tool sets parameters of a Video4Linux-device.
You can set things like picturesize, brightness, contrast, tunerfrequency, etc. etc.
You can also retrieve a complete list of all current settings.




0.9 Setting the palette would not work, fixed.
0.8 Setting the mode would also incorrectly set the tuner. Added the option to set the palette.
0.7 Forgot to add a switch for setting the window-size. Also would not compile on some distributions. Fixed.
0.6 Made it compile on kernel 2.6.x.
0.5 The program would bail out if a device has no tuner. Fixed.
0.4 You can now set the width/height of the picture.
0.3 One can now also the things like contrast, whiteness, hue, etc.
0.2 Frequency is now only changed if it is different from the current setting of the card
0.1 Initial release

Tested with...

- Philips 675K (others have successfully tried other versions of this webcam)
- Kensington VideoCAM 67016
- BT878 TV-card (Hauppauge)

Other software

If you have a Philips (or compatible) WebCam, you might want to take a look at setpwc: with that tool you can set settings specific for Philips WebCams.
ov511 chipset based webcam owners can have a look at setov511.

The version for 'VIDEO4LINUX2' can be found here.