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what is it?

F-IRC is an IRC client for terminals/command-line/console.
Its goal is to be as user friendly as possible with easy navigation and keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation. It has an as much a gentle learning curve as possible.


I wrote it because I had too many problems with irssi. For a lot (most?) people irssi is perfect but I wanted an easy, clear interface like XChat and mIRC usable from within a terminal window (and compatible to GNU screen). I wanted easy channel select navigation, a pop-up menu for actions and easy to configure. There was no such thing at that time.

F-IRC was analyzed by Coverity Scan, CPPCheck and LLVM's scan-build for software defects.


latest version:fi-2.1.tgz
previous version:fi-1.36.tgz

There is also an "NG"-version: c++, ssl, ipv6, dcc, utf-8. Very much work in progress. Check it out: (github).


Main chat window
Click on the picture to see a bigger screenshot:
screenshot of version 1.0

Regular window with a markerline shown

Running in Gnome Terminal with the "word cloud" enabled

On-line help:

With "nick-color" enabled

Partial "highlight" of search-strings

People in a channel (press cursor-right on a channel)

User options sub-menu (press cursor-right on a user)

Send file using DCC

Server menu

press "cursor right" to search through all conversations for the selected word

Configuration menu

Color configuration

Colors in Gnome Terminal (256 color mode)


Notice any problems? Bugs? Issues? Incorrect behaviour? False conduct? Please send an e-mail to folkert@vanheusden.com with all details you can think of.

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