Folkerts's page

This page is dedicated to the name "Folkert".

The name Folkert means: "One of the strongest of the people", or in Dutch: "De sterkere van het volk".

PostmaWho-is-who page of Folkert Postma, Dept. of History and International Relations RUG-Faculty of Arts
vanheusden.comSite of Folkert van Heusden
FolkertPoëzie van Jan Folkert
/folkert.htmlFolkert en Thea`s Homepage
van der Molende homepage van Folkert van der Molen
GoostraHomepage van Folkert Goostra
/folkert.htmHomepage van Folkert(?)
SmitHomepage van Folkert Smit
BlaisseFolkert Blaisse (raad van bestuur Acordis)
HaanstraC.V. Folkert Haanstra
de JongFolkert de Jong is kunstenaar
AlbertsFolkert Alberts heeft een klaverjas programma geschreven (voor DOS)
VeltenFolkert - Velten de bekende voetballer van Heracles
GeurinkFolkert Geurink fiddles with radio-tranceivers and stuff
/Folkert(?) - someone from IJsselstein
Blind JusticeThere's a Folkery playing in the famous band "Blind Justice" (from Gouda - the Netherlands)
de VriendSome research by Folkert de Vriend
de HoopHomepage by Folkert de Hoop
SikkemaHomepage by Folkert Sikkema
Sikkema[2]Homepage by another Folkert Sikkema. This page is about cars.
www.bijfolkert.nlEhr..., site of the shop of some Folkert who likes to do travel and all.
van de VeenHomepage of Folkert van de Veen
Müller-HoissenFolkert Müller-Hoissen's Homepage (scientific guy from germany)
de BoerFolkert's Fysiosite
van der WeiFolkert van der Wei's homepage
KriegerThis Folkert for germany has something to do with a university library
JolingHomepage of Folkert Joling
TangermanAnother scientific (Stonebrook (NY, USA) University department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics) Folkert! (it must be the name)

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