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Httping is like 'ping' but for http-requests.
Give it an url, and it'll show you how long it takes to connect, send a request and retrieve the reply (only the headers). Be aware that the transmission across the network also takes time! So it measures the latency of the webserver + network.
It supports, of course, IPv6.

httping was analyzed by Coverity Scan for software defects


HTTPing is also available for Android phones and tablets! Click on the Android at the left which will bring you to Google Market.


current version: httping-2.5.tgz
current 64 bit windows binary: httping-2.5-win64.zip

previous version: httping-2.3.4.tgz
Please report any problems you find.


HTTPing is on GitHub.

GUI version


This is example output of the command line output in (optional) color mode:

This is HTTPing in default mode: no colors or anything:

This is an example where the ncurses GUI is enabled (click on the picture to see it in full resolution):
Note that the graphs (the yellow things) can be disabled.

If your web browser supports it: here's a youtube video how HTTPing looks in ncurses mode:

This video was recorded using termcam.


HTTPing should run fine on all Posix compliant systems (verified on Linux, *BSD, Solaris, IRIX and AIX).


  • 2.3.3 compilation fixes (for MacOS X)
  • 2.3 more detailed statistics, can now configure all kinds of network settings, can now be localized, improvements of error messages and on-line help, improvements of GUI mode. see this page for a more complete list of changes
  • 2.2.1 mostly a bugfix release (segfaults, FreeBSD build fixes)

Using httping from Nagios

Nagios is a versatile monitoring package. Very much flexible.

define command{
        command_name    check_httping
        command_line    /usr/bin/httping -N 2 -c 1 -h $HOSTADDRESS$


  • You might be interested in MultiTail: that program enables you to monitor logfiles while viewing the output of httping in a seperate window!
  • Here you can read a proposal for an extension to the HTTP-protocol for a 'ping-method'.
  • The people behind the Apache web-server have created an httping-like benchmarking tool: ab.
  • if you like "animations" on the console (text-mode), you might like ConsoleCandy - an mp3 player
  • NagCon is a nagios status viewer for in a terminal

HTTPing in the news

Helping out

If you like, you could translate the texts in httping to an other language or maybe translate the man-page. Please folkert@vanheusden.com contact me for details.

If you're interested in the Nagios monitoring software or the Nagios Incident Manager, please follow this link to the Nagios website: it pays the hosting costs for vanheusden.com. Thanks!

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