Ir is a plugin for the Squid proxyserver. It checks if a user of the proxy- server is a new user and if so then it redirects the user to a selectable page.
This can be used for example when you have a public wireless accesspoint with a squid proxy server behind it. The redirect page can then be a page with policies, addresses, etc.
Since version 0.6 you can force a user to first tick a box (with e.g. 'I agree') before he or she can use the connection.


latest version:ir-1.0.tgz
previous version:ir-0.6.tgz


1.0 now uses mysql instead of sqlite3: that way a cluster of squid proxies can share their data
0.6 users can now be redirected first to a page where they explicitly need to agree with an agreement you define
0.5 use an SQLite3 database instead of the plain text files
0.1 Initial release


On Solaris, add:
-lsocket -lnsl
to the line with "LDFLAGS+=" in the Makefile-file.

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