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My Java software

JNbdJNbd is an NBD server
CoffeeSaintA GUI Nagios status viewer
javnag-0.1.tgzlibrary for reading the Nagios status
posA Chess playing program
stopA Go playing program
entropybrokerEntropyBroker has a connector library written in Java
3dmandA 3D mandelbrot implementation which produces a script for Povray
Ppm.javaClass for writing PPM image-files to disk.
jgof/Conway's game of life in 3D
jHTTPingJava-version of HTTPing
EuropeEurope is a fully customizable counter for presentations.
ScanToNagScanToNag is a tool which scans your network for hosts and services and then generats configuration-files for Nagios.
MilesThe game of Stratego
BlackHoleBlackHole is a data deduplicating NBD server
MyDeDubMyDeDub is a also an data de-duplicator but uses an SQL database as datastore. highly experimental
MJPEG.zipClass file for reading images from an MJPEG stream




test001starfield, scrollers
test002scrolling bitmap with distortion

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