software for children


My daughter (10 months old) likes to sit behind my laptop and type (well, more like trying to smash it) away. Usually I locked the screen to prevent her closing tabs in my browser or entering dangerous commands in the terminal.

This lock-screen where one can only enter a password is a bit boring and I think it may be more interesting for her to have something visually attractive.

So here it is: moppie-0.3.tgz. What it does is: every time a key is pressed, it draws a new rectangle on the screen. When there are more than 24, older rectangles get recycled. Nothing more, nothing less! contains the microsoft windows version. Tested on windows 7 and xp.

The program can not easily be terminated: that way the child cannot accidently stop it and mess around with your web-browser etc

It requires the SDL1.2 and libsndfile libraries to compile.


What is new:
0.3: now prevents alt+tab, esc+tab, windows key and Fn keys (on windows) / two more sounds / keeping a key pressed gives a moving cartoon snake-picture / placement of graphics now depends on (physical) position of key on keyboard
0.2: play a sound when a key is pressed, terminate the program when "STOP!" is entered

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