what is it?

Koudevoeten is a small application which streams (MJPEG stream) the video stream of any video4linux device via it's build-in webserver.

MJPEG streams can be viewed with most webbrowsers (apart from internet explorer, of course).


latest release:koudevoeten-0.7.tgz
previous version:koudevoeten-0.6.tgz

This program requires the 'libpng12-dev' package to be installed.



  • removed internal JPEG decoder


  • enabled TCP fast open


  • improved raspberry pi native camera support:
    • workaround for exposure bug in video4linux driver
    • support for receiving jpeg encoded frames from camera encoded by gpu (this dramatically reduces the CPU load)
  • now only sends a new frame/image when streaming MJPEG/MPNG when the source (camera) delivers a new frame (no longer faking frames), this reduces network traffic


  • still image in jpeg format
  • mpng streaming format
  • optimized YUYV converter (for speed)
  • work around for MJPEG streaming with Google Chrome v29


Raspberr Pi users: this program requires the IPv6 kernel module installed. It does NOT require working IPv6 though!

sudo modprobe ipv6
...before starting koudevoeten.
To make this persistant, enter:
echo ipv6 >> /etc/modules
...and reboot (or combine it with the modprobe line above).

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