This program listens for sound. If it detects any, it starts recording automatically and also automatically stops when things become silent again.


Download link:listener-2.2.tgz
listener-2.0.1.tgz(portaudio version)
listener-2.0.0.tgz(ALSA version)
listener-1.7.2.tgz(old OSS version)
This program needs libsndfile as well as portaudio.
Please note that since version 2.0.1 the commandline parameters for selecting e.g. the samplerate have changed. Run with '-h' to see a list.


There's an announcement- and discussion mailinglist.
Send an e-mail to with in the subject 'subscribe listener' to subscribe. The archive can be found here.


  • implement low, high and bandfilter
  • make ALSA compatible
  • make filename configurable with date and/or in subdirectories
  • handle multiple soundcards more civilized, you now have to edit /etc/asound.conf to select the card to use


2.2: maintenance release, fixed all kinds of small bugs
2.0.1: portaudio-versio which is more usable than the alsa version. also cross-platform so listener might now be usable on e.g. windows as well. the portaudio changes and the new filters were developed by Felipe Emmanuel Ferreira de Castro!
2.0.0: first version which is using ALSA for sound I/O
1.7.2: listener can now write its pid to a file when running in daemon-mode. also added one-shot recording
1.7.1: 'on_event_start' did not work
1.7.0: 'on_event_start' can now specify what script to start as soon as the recording starts, one can now use fixed amplification factor, one can now let listener store the audio recorded before the sound started


> Constatus is like 'listener' for video.

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