MacOS X software


  • mboxstats
    This tool generates top10 lists of the messages in a message-file in mbox- or maildir format. Only usefull for users who use UNIX tools like pine to read their mail.



  • multitail
    A program which lets you view several files at once (like the original tail) in a windowed terminal-window (with ncurses). Colors can be used to emphasize lines.
  • lm-0.1.tgz
    This tool merges two or more logfiles into one. For this, it looks at the timestamp on every line. Logfiles must be in the format as generated by syslog. The program isn't "language-safe", so if the month-field is in a language different from English, it's not going to work. multitail can do all of this in realtime.


  • acctail
    AccTail shows all processes that have exited together with all its resource usages.


  • banihstypos
    Program which helps you improve your typing speed.
  • rud-0.0.2.tgz
    Resets an USB device. Requires libusb.
  • unsort
    Randomizes the order of lines in a textfile. The inversion of sort so to say :-)
  • memtest 1.0
    A memory tester. This one tries to keep all pages in memory so that you can be sure that allmost all (not all: some pages are nonpageable pages used by the kernel) physical(!) pages are touched (and tested).
  • phantom
    A tool for introducing phantomblocks in the file-system. Handy when low on disk-space.
  • software auditing
    A collection of links on software auditing.
  • chess
    My chess-software.


  • cloudish
    cloudish - a distributed anonymizer.
  • httping
    Like 'ping' but for http-requests. Give it an url, and it'll show you how long it takes to connect, send a request and retrieve the reply (only the headers).
  • doturl-0.1.tgz
    This program retrieves the URL from a Microsoft Internet Explorer .url-file (a 'bookmark' so to say) and displays it on your terminal. You can, of course, also use pipes and such (for in- and output).
  • gibberish-0.2.tar.gz
    With this tool you can test if your tcp-server can handle gibberish. For example a webserver: with this tool you can test if your webserver can handle it if someone sends gibberish instead of an http-request.


  • rename_test-1.1.tgz
    A tool for kernel-hackers: with this one you can test how fast the kernel can rename files on a certain filesystem.
  • mem_stress_test-0.1.tgz
    Another tool for kernel-hackers: this stresses the memorysubsystem. In a tight loop it frees, allocates, resizes and touches memory-blocks.

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