Miep - an SGI Indy emulator

what is it?

Miep might (I work occasionally on it so don't hold your breath) become an SGI Indy emulator capable of running IRIX.

Currently it emulates somewhat 64 bit MIPS CPU, and a bit of the Indy specific hardware. It can boot the Indy PROM upto the point where it wants to do DMA because that is not implemented yet.

On my laptop with an "i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz" it can do 38 million instructions per second. If I'm right that's about 190MHz (assuming 5 cycles per second on average).
My Raspberry Pi model B (running at 700MHz) does 2.75 million instructions per second.


Currently it is far from usable but in case you want to see how it works or maybe even tinker with it, these are the current (2013/06/22) state of affairs:

Or on GitHub: https://github.com/flok99/miep

To be able to run it, you need the contents of the PROM. E.g. ip24prom.070-9101-011.bin.

screen shot

The output that you see here is emulated, it is NOT an error of the emulator, it is the emulated Indy that thinks that its DMA is not working (which is correct):

This is the same but with full debugging enabled:


www.linux-mips.org contains quite a bit of low level documentation regarding the Indy.

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