What is it?

Miningco is an automatic data-mining (can be used for business intelligence) tool. It can analyse a table in a database and then automatically give you a list of remarkable rules to which your data complies. It can find for patterns on what columns they depend. From version 2.0 it can also group ranges of values into 1 rule.
Example scripts have been added for datamining on Nagios and Apache logging.




An announcement- and discussion mailinglist has been started.
Send an e-mail to with in the subject 'subscribe miningco' to subscribe. The archive can be found here.


2.5 Improved clustering: no more fuzzy ranges as well as better combining ranges.
2.2 The non-clustering part was broken, fixed
2.1 Clustering did not always work, fixed
2.0 Miningco can now cluster groups of values into 1 rule
1.3 Added a script for importing syslog logfiles
1.2 Added a web-interface for easy navigating through the results
1.1 Added import script for Apache logging
1.0 Initial release

Links to other free datamining software

Wikipedia has a great explanation on data-mining with a few pointers to more information.

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