Quake levels

I developed a couple of Quake levels (Quake is a game sold by ID-software, it features a 3D world in which one can hunt monsters, it is the successsor of Doom).
Before (and after) releasing them one can play them on my personal Quake-server at home.


  • fvh001-18.zip
    Version 17 of level fvh001. Large level with 3 big rooms with all kinds of platforms. Deathmatch.

  • fvh002_1.zip
    Small deathmatch level for quick hunting with not too many players.

  • fvh004_12.zip
    Building I worked in. Deathmatch.

  • fvh005ftr_10.zip
    First building I used to work in.


> my enhancements for the mvdsv QuakeWorld server

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