Dericam M201W

This webcam is in fact a "Netwave IP Camera". This page tells you what URLs you can access to view the video stream with or without audio. E.g. "/videostream.asf?user=username&pwd=password&resolution=32". Note that the google chrome browser won't show it (firefox wn't too) but you can display it using mplayer and vlc.

abs() return negative value (C/C++)

Big fat warning: when you invoke abs(2147483648) on a platform with 32 bit int-values, this will actually return a negative value (-2147483648)!

OpenID with Google account

When a site requires an OpenID url, you can enter:
Exactly that url connects to your google account.

Bitcoin mining with ATI 7970 card

Make sure the card is not overclocked! E.g. an xfx black edition is overclocked when you buy it!
Overclocking causes the card to make mistakes. You then see lots of "invalid/stale" errors when running e.g. poclbm.
To set the clock to something more sensible:
aticonfig --od-enable --odsc 850,1200 --od-commitclocks
In fact regular cards should be able to run at 925MHz/1375MHz but I like to have a little margin.

With phoenx v1.50 I got the most MH/s with:
 -k poclbm AGGRESSION=13 DEVICE=0
Indeed: NO bfi_int or other settings.

The Lotter allows you to participate in lotteries from all over the world!