Storage tips & tricks

StorageManager complains about controllers not reachable

This happens frequently when you change the IP-address of one or both controller(s).
To fix this: stop the storage manager as well as all related services. Then delete the files (NOT the subdirectories!) in C:\Program Files\IBM_DSxxxx\client\data\ (on Linux: /var/opt/SM/).
You'll find there files like emwdata_vxx.bin, pref_xx.bin.

Removing all(!) meta-data from all disks in an IBM DS3000/DS4000

Big fat warning: by removing the meta-data you'll also loose all access to the data on the disks!
Create a file 'command.txt' with the following contents:
clear storageSubsystem configuration;
Then run:
SMcli ipaddress of storage controller -f command.txt
You need to reboot the storage controllers afterwards.

Moving disks from one IBM DS3000/DS4000 to an other

On a IBM DS3000 and IBM DS4000 the meta-data is actually stored on the disks themselves.
What that means is, if you move the disks from one IBM DS3/4000 to an other, the information on the RAID-set it belonged to is migrated as well! (it also seems to include the license-information)
So to prevent problems first clear the meta-data from the disks before re-using them in an other system.

Cannot get access to LUN on an IBM DS3200

When connecting to a LUN on a IBM DS3200 using SuSE Linux 10, all disk i/o gives errors.
This may be caused by the LUN having number 0. Use a different LUN number (1...31) and things will work fine.
This may also apply to RedHat Linux and/or other IBM DS3x00 storage enclousures.

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