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Based on funcgen, this is FUNKGEN.
FUNKGEN is a function generator for your modular synthesizer.
Input is you sending commands via a serial terminal (e.g. putty) to the device.
Output is a control voltage.
Offset, amplitude, frequency and wave-form can be controlled.
Frequencies are between 10Hz and 2560Hz.
Designed to connect to an eurorack.

funcgen? FUNKGEN?

The difference between funcgen and FUNKGEN is that FUNKGEN is targeted at modular synthesizers and not.

It's output is a +/-5V control voltage that can be fed to other modules.

It drifts, it shifts, is not accurate nor precise.

It has a character.

It is tiny.

the device
Not visible in this photograph is the required mcu.

Send me an e-mail if you want one, we may come to an agreement.

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