mp3info shows details of an mp3-file on the console.


Download link:mp3info-0.1.tgz (sources)
Please note: this program requires libmpeg3.
It also uses the id3v1 library (c) 2002 by Samuel Abels (


folkert@belle:~/Personal/src/mp3info$ mp3info -v -f /data4/mp3/7zuma7\ -\ deep\ inside\ -\ 10\ -\ heroin\ chic.mp3
mpeg3library version 1.5.4
Number of audio streams: 1
Stream 0:
 2 channels and consists of 11455240 samples.
 sample rate: 44100, duration: 00:04:19
 audio format: MPEG
File indicates that it has no video streams.
id3 v1 tag info
 title:   Heroin Chic
 artist:  7Zuma7
 album:   Deep Inside...
 year:    2000
 track:   10
 genre:   Metal

Integration in Mutt

Add the following lines to ~/.mailcap:
audio/mp3; /usr/local/bin/mp3info -v -f %s ; copiousoutput
audio/mpeg; /usr/local/bin/mp3info -v -f %s ; copiousoutput
audio/x-mp3; /usr/local/bin/mp3info -v -f %s ; copiousoutput
and add the following lines to ~/.muttrc:
auto_view audio/mp3
auto_view audio/mpeg
auto_view audio/x-mp3
This will look like this:
mp3info in mutt screendump

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