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MSX emulator

This is an MSX emulator for POSIX compatible (e.g. Linux) systems.
It currently only supports 'screen 0' (the 40/80x24 ascii screen), 'screen1' (the one you see at first when the MSX boots) and 'screen 2', memory mappers, msx-dos megarom and konami 5 megarom, printer, rudimentary audio and almost complete keyboard-emulation.
This emulator is merely a toy-project to test the z80ex ZiLOG z80 emulation library - please note that I do accept patches! :-)


This program requires the following:
  • ncurses (for debugging output)
  • SDL (portable graphics library)
  • z80ex (emulates the Z80 processor)
  • libsndfile
  • Terminal program set to a resolution of 85x35 (or better)
  • Copy of the MSX(1) BIOS+BASIC ROM which can be found here


Nemesis 2

msx -r bios:0:0:msx1biosbasic.rom -r megak5:1:0:NEMESIS2.ROM -m 3:0 -s 2 2> /dev/null

Athletic Land

msx -r bios:0:0:msx1biosbasic.rom -r rom:1:0:athletic.rom -m 3:0 -s -v 2> /dev/null



msxemul-1.4_AIX-6.1.tar.gz - for AIX 6.1


msx-1.8.tgz msx-1.7.tgz
msx-1.6.tgz msx-1.5.tgz msx-1.3.tgz
msx-1.2.tgz msx-1.1.tgz msx-1.0.tgz


1.8 MSX-2 video emulation fixes
1.7 implemented SCC emulation
1.6 some MSX-2 emulation code, improved sound, slightly adjusted disk emulation code
1.5 more verbose disk i/o, sony hbi-55 emulation, cycle administration improved, some turbo-r ports emulation added, started to work on vdp-commands
1.3 implemented 'screen 1' (as it is called in basic)
1.2 improved keyboard handling, sound now somewhat works
1.1 fixed keyboard handling
1.0 implemented memory mappers, rtc emulation, some MSX-2 VDP emulation, msx-dos2 support, improved keyboard handling (altough still not 100%), printer output
0.9 implemented megarom support
0.8 implemented sprites
0.7 added missing headerfiles, fixed colors in graphics mode
0.6 fixed graphics output
0.5 disk i/o now really works
0.4 reading sectors from a disk seems to work
0.3 graphics output fixes, debugging enhancements
0.2 keyboard fixes, graphical output fixes
0.1 first version released on the internet


  • Wikipedia article on what MSX is
  • Download my MSX emulator for the Atari ST here
  • Portar - my bible as it comes to MSX specifications
  • OpenMSX is an MSX emulator which really works and is actually usable (posix)
  • fMSX like OpenMSX, an MSX emulator for posix systems
  • List of almost all MSX emulators


'Nemesis 2' by Konami (megarom)

Version 0.9

Running MSX-DOS 2

Version 1.0

Running UltraChess

Version 1.3

Graphics ('screen 2')

Konami 'Athletic Land' running on version 0.9

Graphics ('screen 2') with sprites

Konami 'Magical Tree' running on version 0.9

Main output: text

Version 0.9 running MSX-Basic with disk emulation

Running testmap

Version 1.2 running testmap (which tests the functioning of the memory mapper)

Running zexall

Version 1.2 running zexall, the Z80 emulation tester

Running B.U.G. Chess

Version 1.2 running B.U.G. Chess

MSX-2 boot

Vampire Killer

Kings Valley 2

7MHz-MSX benchmark

Console debugging output

Version 0.8 displaying name-table of screen 2 (running 'Magical Tree')

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