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Multitail has a couple of bugs. I might get around to fix them myself but if anyone else would like to fix them: yes please!

> unclear error message when terminal is too small

> line wrapping occasionally uses characters from the previous line

> -q/-Q do not handle paths that include a file-mask in them, e.g.: /tmp/*txt

> resizing and then pressing a key puts it in some kind of refresh-terminal-loop for a while

> [global_]default_nlines does not work (is ignored)

> mcsre_val_bigger (and friends) only set the color of the value, not of the whole match string

> selecting a part and then applying copy & paste is problematic due to the window-borders and such. need to have a full-screen (triggered by F11) for that or maybe invoke some external program which copies the current window to the X clipboard

> regexp editing occasionally failes:
    A problem occured at line 1294 in function edit_regexp (from file ui.c):

    Failed to reallocate a memory block to -88 bytes.

> When starting multitail on a terminal window (putty to a remote machine) which is smaller than the assumed minimum of 78x23, multitail tries to throw an exception (Terminal too small) via error_popup(), and this fails, because the terminal-helper functions aren't initialized yet, and thus the offset-computation referring max_x/max_y in term.c yields negative values.
  Moving the call to init_ncurses() in front of the call of error_popup() in main() fixes the problem. The message will be displayed, and multitail continues to work as expected.

> Quiet a few options are not explained in the man-page and also not elaborate enough

> When scrolling back in a logfile with a line-prefix enabled, the linewrapping fails

> When monitoring output of commands with progress indications, CR's are not handled correctly

> Configuration-file entry 'suppress_empty_lines:no' seems to cause visual corruption in the scrollback window

> ~ in the configuration file does not seem to work

> tabs cause incorrect linewrap. The width of a tab is not used, instead it is always 1. That is not correct.

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