NagIRCBot announces the Nagios status on an IRC channel.


Download link:nagircbot-0.0.33.tgz


0.0.33 improved irc protocol handling - should now be compatible with more IRC servers
0.0.31 link-failure fix
0.0.30 added SSL support and nick highlighting


screendump of nagircbot


You might be interested in CoffeeSaint: an application that shows the status of Nagios (version 1 up to 3 and the newer XI) on a screen. It can, if there are no errors, display a Webcam feed. If an error status occurs, it can play a sound. One can configure it to display certain errors/warnings always on top. It is remotely configurable via a built-in Web interface.

If you're interested in the Nagios monitoring software or the Nagios Incident Manager, please follow this link to the Nagios website: it pays the hosting costs for Thanks!

NagiosDigger: a web-interface to the historical Nagios logging.
Nagcon: a console application interfacing to Nagios which gives you an overview of all services with troubled services.
check_nagios_summary enables you to do perform distributed monitoring.
NagTail is like tail on the Nagios status logfile.
ssl-proxy - required in case your irc server only accepts SSL connections

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