Nagserv serves the Nagios status as an RSS-feed.
Nagserv is also an interface between the Nagios 2.0 status.log-file and programs like Nagwatch and older versions (< v0.71) of nsc.


Download link:nagserv-0.0.26.tgz



0.0.26 added Nagios 3.0 support, stability fixes
0.0.20 one can now set the user under which nagserv runs
0.0.19 stability and compilation fixes (it really doesn't need ncurses to compile)
0.0.17 "pending state" could cause a segfault
0.0.16 nagserv can now verify if nagios is still checking services (-t/-T), als performance optimalisation
0.0.13 fixed an occasional segfault caused by a double free
0.0.12 when a host became unreachable, nagserv would fail
0.0.11 added logging in apache compatible format for RSS requests
0.0.10 fixed an occasional segfault when the status.log could not be read
0.0.9 code cleanup
0.0.8 hosts that are down were not shown, fixed a segfault (when status.log was truncated), small performance optimalisations
0.0.7 fixed a segfault that occured when the status.log could not be read
0.0.6 the links in the RSS feed now bring you to the status-page of that service/host
0.0.5 when there were no events to report, the rss feed would become invalid (from an XML point of view). fixed
0.0.4 the program would sometimes stop responding. fixed
0.0.3 fixed numerous bugs in RSS output
0.0.2 added RSS feed server
0.0.1 initial release


You might be interested in CoffeeSaint: an application that shows the status of Nagios (version 1 up to 3 and the newer XI) on a screen. It can, if there are no errors, display a Webcam feed. If an error status occurs, it can play a sound. One can configure it to display certain errors/warnings always on top. It is remotely configurable via a built-in Web interface.

If you're interested in the Nagios monitoring software or the Nagios Incident Manager, please follow this link to the Nagios website: it pays the hosting costs for Thanks!

NagIRCBot announces the Nagios status on an IRC channel.
NagiosDigger: a web-interface to the historical Nagios logging.
Nagcon: a console application interfacing to Nagios which gives you an overview of all services with troubled services.
check_nagios_summary enables you to do perform distributed monitoring.
NagTail is like tail on the Nagios status logfile.
RSSTail is a console application which does a tail on one or more RSS feeds.
Nagwatch - a program to which nagserv can interface between with nagios 2.x

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