Nasty is a program that helps you to recover the passphrase of your PGP or GPG-key in case you forget or lost it. It is mostly a proof-of-concept: with a different implementation this program could be at least 100x faster.

It needs the gpgme library.

You want to include the settings from this page or else the gnupg-agent will bother you with a passphrase-dialog for each iteration (which would defeat the purpose of nasty).


Download link: nasty-0.6.tgz


0.6 compiles and runs with gpgme 1.0.2
0.5 the passphrases to test can now be read from a file
0.4 fixed a bug that made nasty skip half of the keys
0.3 one can now also select the characterset to search through, fixed a couple of bugs
0.2 stores state to a file so that it can continue where it stopped last time
0.1 initial release


> This document describes several 'attacks' on pgp.

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