My PGP-key signing policy

The levels

I've done carefull checkingThis I will sign your key with if we met in person OR if you're a good friend that I trust and with whom I've exchanged the PGP key-id on the phone.
I've done casual checkingThis one is used when we use a 'trick' like using a bank or so as trusted third party, or when we meet in person and your legal document (your passport) is from an country other then The Netherlands (for the reasons behind this; see below).

Meeting in person

Make sure you have with you:
  • A passport or drivers license containing your photograph.
    From people outside The Netherlands: only your passport will do as I have no idea what legal documents in your country look like. Yes, you can still fool me with your passport but as it is probably expensive to fake one, I doubt that you do it.
  • A piece of paper with your e-mail address on it and your key-id but preferably your complete fingerprint.
Also send me an e-mail signed with the key you want me to sign.


Authenticating yourself by sending me a scan of your passport/drivers license

  • This only to people who own a Dutch passport or drivers license as I don't know how the ones from elsewhere on the planet look like!
  • send me a color scan of your passport or drivers license
  • on the same scanned page: write your e-mail address and your key-id (handwritten!)
  • sign the e-mail in which you send all of this to me with your PGP/GPG key
  • preferably make sure there's a picture of yourself in your GPG-key (not mandatory)
  • send things to:

Use your bank as a trusted third party.

  • Send one euro to my Postbank account: 3272877 (=account number)
  • In the description-field write down your:
    • e-mail address
    • key-id
  • Send me an e-mail that you did so and make sure that your e-mail is signed with the key you want to have signed
After I received the euro, I'll sign your key and send back the euro.
Please contact me if you don't have an account with a Dutch bank (located in The Netherlands) as high costs may be involved(!).


Look here for details.

Key exchange protocol to anal?

The Phil Zimmerman said so.

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