Dutch description of PGP.

What is it?

PGP/GPG are tools for encrypting and signing files and e-mail messages. Encrypting to prevent others for being able to view it, signing so that the receiver can be certain from whom the original file came from and that it did not alter.
You can find more elaborate explanations on Wikipedia (Dutch).
PGP/GPG can be integrated in your mail client, help is available. There are also mailclients that already contain everything you need.

What software?

Stand alone applications

WhatOperation system (OS)Description
GPG4WinMicrosoft WindowsA package that consists of a GNUPG solution for file encryption, e-mail encryption using a plugin for outlook, and a couple of key managers.
GnuPGUNIX/Microsoft Windows/MacOS XGnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. GnuPG is free software.
PGPMicrosoft Windows/MacOSPGP was originally developed by Phil Zimmerman. Since then it has been sold to a company which sells several applications related to encryption.
PGPIMicrosoft Windows/MacOS/UNIX/etc.The internation version of the original PGP application.
MacPGPMacOS XMac GNU Privacy Guard (Mac GPG for short) is, after a fashion, the Mac OS X port of GnuPG, licensed under the GNU GPL.
GPG ToolsMacOS XGpg Tools is a Mac OS X graphical interface to the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) utility.
WinPTMicrosoft WindowsWindows Privacy Tools (WinPT) is a collection of multilingual applications for easy digital encryption and signing of content.


Complete programs

EvolutionUNIXFrom the website: "The most popular groupware client for Linux, Novell® Evolution? integrates e-mail, calendaring, tasks and contact management in one easy-to-use application. As part of Novell Linux Desktop, Novell Evolution integrates smoothly with other applications and communications tools and connects to corporate communications architectures including Novell GroupWise® and Microsoft Exchange."
gtkmailUNIXgtkmail is a GUI email client for GNOME. It features full MIME support, multiple remote and local mailboxes, threaded mail viewing, mail fetching, crypto (PGP/SSL), and a multiwindow interface.
KMailUNIXKMail is a fully-featured email client that fits nicely into KDE. It has features such as support for powerful filters, PGP/GnuPG privacy, inline attachments, drag and drop support of messages and attachments, and support for multiple POP3 and IMAP accounts.
PostilionUNIXPostilion is a mail user agent based upon the popular TkRat program. The main changes to TkRat are in the user interface portion, so all of the underlying functionality of TkRat remains. This includes MIME support, Virtual folders, PGP support, support for unix mail files, MH folders, POP and IMAP.
etPan!UNIXetPan! is a console mail user agent based on libEtPan!. Features include support for IMAP4rev1, POP3, NNTP, mbox, mh, and Maildir, virtual folder tree, multiple folder views and message views, smart multi-threading, PGP signing and encryption (using GnuPG as external command), S/MIME signing and encryption (using OpenSSL as external command), spam processing (using bogofilter as external command), and a user interface for configuration.
PrivtoolUNIXPrivtool is intended to be a PGP-aware replacement for the standard Sun Workstation mailtool program, with a similar user interface and automagick support for PGP-signing and PGP-encryption. Privtool runs on Linux and FreeBSD as well as SunOS and Solaris.
CalypsoMicrosoft WindowsCalypso is an e-mail client with a PGP plugin.


WhatOSWhat mailclientDescription
outlookgnupgMicrosoft WindowsOutlook 2007A plugin for outlook 2007
gpgoeMicrosoft WindowsOutlook ExpressA plugin for outlook express.
OutlGPGMicrosoft WindowsOutlookA plugin for outlook. Written by the maintainer of GnuPG.
GnuPG-pluginMicrosoft WindowsOutlookA plugin for outlook. Sourcecode is also available in case you need it.
PinePGPUNIXPinePinePGP provides PGP and GnuPG filters for pine. PGP versions 2.6.x, 5.x, and 6.5.x are supported.
PGP4PineUNIXPinePGP4Pine, also known as "PAPP" ("Pine And PGP") is a Perl script to integrate pgp into the popular mail reader Pine.
pgpenvelopeUNIXPinepgpenvelope is a Pine and procmail filter which allows one to process messages with GnuPG.
GPGMailMacOS XPGP for Apple's mailGPGMail is a plug-in for Apple's Mail, providing a front-end to gpg for some operations. It allows you to read/write encrypted messages, as well as electronically signed messages.
Elm ME+UNIXElm 2.4Elm 2.4ME+ is based on Elm 2.4. It contains enhanced MIME and character set support. It can read mail from POP or IMAP folders and can pass mail to the PGP or GPG programs. It can also view digests as a mailbox and reassemble fragmented (message/partial) messages. It includes modules for TLS/SSL, iconv, and SMTP.
EnigmailUNIXMozilla/NetscapeEnigmail is an extension for the mail client of Mozilla, Netscape 7.x, and Mozilla Thunderbird that allows users to access the authentication and encryption features provided by the popular GnuPG software. It can encrypt/sign mail when sending, decrypt/authenticate received mail, and import/export public keys.
MewUNIXEmacsMew for Emacs/XEmacs is an interface to integrate Email, NetNews, MIME, and PGP as well as to make it easy to view and compose them. With Mew you can send a picture of a birthday cake with the song "Happy Birthday to you" to your friend, which is encrypted by strong cryptograph.
Emacs auto-phpUNIXEmacsEmacs plugin
MS Outlook Express pluginMicrosoft WindowsOutlook ExpressCrypto Anywhere integrates with Microsoft Outlook Express TM to produce seamless encryption and decryption from within popular email software: You can easily send OpenPGP, SecExMail, as well as password protected messages directly from within your favorite email client.
Eudora pluginMicrosoft WindowsEudoraPlugin for Eudora
QDPGPMicrosoft WindowsPegasus mail Developed by Gerard Thomas, this is the premier 32-bit encryption plugin for Pegasus Mail, and the only one currently officially certified by the developer of Pegasus Mail itself. With support for all major versions of PGP and for a variety of other encryption and security concepts, QDPGP offers the most complete and well-integrated encryption component available for Pegasus Mail. Requires any 32-bit version of Pegasus Mail v3.0 or later.
PGP-JNMicrosoft WindowsPegasus mailDeveloped by John Navas, this module provides support for PGP v2.6 for the 16-bit version of Pegasus Mail.
PMPGPMicrosoft WindowsPegasus mailCreated by Michael in der Wiesche, PMPGP provides an alternative to QDPGP for 32-bit versions of Pegasus Mail, with excellent support for the full gamut of PGP functions, and an optional interface and documentation in German.
Eudora GPGMacOS XEudoraAppleScript scripts to make GnuPG work with Eudora.
Entourage GPGMacOS XEntourageAppleScript scripts to make GnuPG work with Entourage.
Mailsmith PGPMacOS XMailsmithAppleScript scripts to make GnuPG work with Mailsmith.
PGP DesktopMicrosoft WindowsOutlookContains a plugin for outlook to do encryption/signing/etc.
Groupwise & PGPMicrosoft WindowsGroupwisePlugins for groupwise (5.x and 4.1).

Help for integrating PGP/GPG into your mailclient

GPG & OutlookMicrosoft WindowsInstalling this plugin into Outlook.
GPG & AppleMailMacOS XInstalling GPG into AppleMail
PGP & PineUNIXIntegrating PGP/GPG into Pine
Integrating PGP/GPG into your mail softwareUNIXIntegrating PGP into Exim, Sendmail, Pine and Mutt.
10 minute guide to integrating PGP 5.0 with PineUNIXUsing PGP with Pine
Mutt-GnuPGUNIXIntegratig pgp/gpg into Mutt
EudoraMacOSUsing PGP with Eudora on the Mac
AppleMailMacOSA small steplist for installing and configuring the PGP plugin for AppleMail.

Other links

Web-of-trust related links

What is this web of trust all about?
BigLumberIt is very usefull to have many signatures on your key. The more you have on your key, the more people have verified that is really is your key and that it can be trusted. This site helps you finding people in your neighbourhood who are willing to sign your key.
PathfinderGet statistics on your 'web of trust'.
WikipediaA webpage that explains what a robotca is and what it can do for you.
Robot CAThis service will verify that you both have access to your secret key as well as the e-mail address(es) in your public key. It then gives you its signature. [1]
Key verification serviceThis service will verify that you both have access to your secret key as well as the e-mail address(es) in your public key. It then gives you its signature. [2]
RobotCAThis service will verify that you both have access to your secret key as well as the e-mail address(es) in your public key. It then gives you its signature. [3]
CAcertCAcert gives free SSL certificates. Their way of determing if you're really are who you are is quiet thorough and they will also sign your PGP key when enough people have verified you.
GSWoTThe Gossamer Spider Web of Trust (GSWoT) is an web of trust within the global PGP web of trust. They share the same interests as other groups who support public key cryptography through advocacy and good practices. The Gossamer Spider Web of Trust extends from its Web of Introducers, who are assurers for other web of trust products (like X.509 Digital ID's from CAcert and Thawte), Notaries Public (Canada and United States), persons responsible for authenticating identities within an organization or commercial enterprise, and enthusiasts identity assured through our internal process. Look here for a more elaborate description.


GPGshellGPGshell is a graphical shell for GnuPG so that you no longer have to type all those commando's
NastyNasty helps you recover forgotten or lost GPG key passphrases
OpenPGPThe OpenPGP Alliance is a growing group of companies and other organizations that are implementers of the OpenPGP Proposed Standard. The Alliance works to facilitate technical interoperability and marketing synergy between OpenPGP implementations.
Public key serverTo be able to send someone an encrypted e-mail or file, you'll need the public key of that person. You can look at the public key servers on the net to see if the key of the recipient is available. Most PGP/GPG software includes functionality for doing so automatically for you.
PGP key serverDocument explaining public key servers. Also contains links to public pgp key servers.
keyserver listA very large list of public key servers.
GnuPG MiniHOWTOThe GnuPG MiniHOWTO explains to install, run, use and troubleshoot GnuPG. It also pays attention to things to think about regarding encryption. This miniHOWTO was originally written in German and has been rewritten in English (and thus been adjusted).

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