Some tft-picture (digital photo frame) frames (like the Hanns-g HD 7021) only display the pictures in the order in which they appear in the directory of the inserted memory-card.
To change the order, one would need to move all files from the memory-card and then randomly move them back.
randommover automates this.
E.g. if the memory-card is mounted under /media/disk, you could do the following:
cd /media/disk
mkdir t
randommover t *
randommover . t/*
rmdir t
The first argument of randommover is the directory where to move the files. The second and third and so on arguments are the files which will then be randomly moved to the selected directory.

Please note that this won't work with advanced filesystems like ext3, tmpfs and jfs2. It does work with fat/fat32 which is the filesystem-format of most memory-cards.



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