What is it?

RSSTail is more or less an rss reader: it monitors an rss-feed and if it detects a new entry it'll emit only that new entry.


Latest release:rsstail-1.7.tgz

GitHub repository


1.7 added reverse output
1.6 added authentication support
1.5 spelling fixes in man-page, fixes to make it work on recent systems as well (e.g. Ubuntu 8.10)
1.4 numerous enhancements, made its output more configurable
1.3 added man-page
1.1 added switch that limits the amount of text displayed, added switch which prevents rsstail from aborting when an error occurs (e.g. hostname lookup temporarily fails), fixed segfault on FreeBSD
1.0 added proxy-server support
0.8 rsstail can now strip html tags (using '-H')
0.7 Fixed a 100% cpu usage problem
0.6 -n lets you set the initial number of items to display
0.5 Rsstail can now ignore (temporary) errors in RSS feeds (-z)
0.4 Rsstail will now only retrieve the complete feed if anything changed, greatly reducing the traffic usage
0.2 Multiple feeds can now be monitored with one instance of RSSTail
0.1 Initial release


 this tool can be used as a plugin in MultiTail


For contact info, see this page.

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