sgwi is a web-interface to SQLGrey (SQLGrey is a greylister for Postfix).
This web-interface enables you to edit the white- and blacklists as well as the current state of the greylist.

From version 1.0.0 Jan Ceulen took maintenance over. Thanks Jan!


1.1.8 SQLite3 support (by Kay Marquardt)
1.1.7 PHP code: mysqli functions replace deprecated mysql functions
1.1.6 Changes for PHP 5.4 - all work by Jan Ceulen!
1.1.5 Bugfix: optin-optout did not show tables when using postgresql
1.1.4 Explanation of optin-optout improved
1.1.3 HTML code now tidy and W3C markup valid
1.1.2 Option included to suppress milliseconds in dates (avoids line breaks in lists)
1.1.1 Multiple delete, forget and whitelisting (checkboxes), more sophisticated routines for adding, deleting etc. (i.e. inline reporting instead of on separate pages) - all changes by Jan Ceulen
1.0.1 added missing css file
1.0.0 Jan Ceulen dramatically improved the layout of the web-interface



This software can be retrieved from GitHub as well. I invite you to send pull-requests!


There's a mailinglist with an archive.
Subscribe to the mailinglist: send 'subscribe sqlgrey' (in the subject) to Archives:

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