Getting Started with Linux-SNA

Verify correct installation of your Linux-SNA server


Copyright 2001 (c), All rights reserved. Jay Schulist <>

Written by:

Jay Schulist <>

For a while now people have been attempting to use Linux-SNA without a real lot of success, or at least not easily won success. This is the second document in the Linux-SNA Getting Started series which is attempting to make Linux-SNA a much easier protocol and application suite to use. If you feel anything is missing from this document or you would like to contribute please feel free.

1. Read the Quick installation of your Linux-SNA server guide to get a Linux-SNA server installed and all the software in the correct places.

2. There are two ways in which one can verify the correct installation of a Linux-SNA server.

3. Basic configuration of local Linux-SNA node to verify installation via the LAR method.

4. Check the output of snaconfig to ensure everything is configured and in a running state from step 3.

         LNXSNA.EHEAD  nodeid:0x01234567  nodetype:Appn_En  RUNNING

               datalink:eth0  type:llc2  numports:1  RUNNING

               port:0x04  role:pri  numls:0 mia:0 moa:0 mtu:0 RUNNING

               datalink:lo  type:loopback  numports:0 RUNNING

5. Running LAR to verify correct installation of Linux-SNA.

6. Viewing the results of the LAR query.

7. Viewing your new Linux-SNA node from other LAR capable SNA servers.

8. Your Linux-SNA node now should be installed correctly and you can proceed to actually setting up the Linux-SNA box to perform more useful functions. I recommend using the other Getting Started Guides for this.