soundeffects - all kinds of sound-effects from the command line


The soundeffects package contains the following effects:

echoadds an echo
pitchchanges the pitch
compressorboosts the overal volume
rotaterotates the sound-source in 2D space
stereoboostenhances the stereo effect
surround positionlets you place a soundsource in a virtual 2D space
surround splitextracts the individual left, right, center and back "channels" of an audio input
surround mixmix (encode) 1 to 4 streams into a surround stream
deglitchremoves glitches, e.g. from ticks in audio recorded from a CD

The tools can work on all fileformats as supported by libsndfile. E.g. wav, ogg.


Download link:soundeffects-0.2.tgz

This program requires libsndfile.


0.2added deglitcher, surround mixer
0.1initial release

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