What is it?

The idea of SysopView is to show information that is important to system administrators while being showed attractively for non-technical personel. Think of the computerscreens in movies with the difference that SysopView shows real information.
It does this by (using OpenGL) showing the information on windows that move animatedly over the screen. Lots of colors and of course a scroll-text at the bottom.
Currently it can show rss-feeds (in the scrolltext), webcams (video4linux, mjpeg, jpeg-streams), nagios status, it can sniff the network (interesting when connected to either a trunk-port or using the remote sniffer) and dissect the stream showing requested URLs and JPEG and PNG images. It also has a terminal capability enabling you to show the output of a regular text-mode application. Furthermore it has starfields in the background and can show the output-images from external software (e.g. graphs of mrtg/rrdtool). And last but not least: it can connect to a VNC server and then show its output.
The goal is it be as extensible and configurable as possible.


2012/07/18, version 0.4c: sysopview-0.4c.tgz
2012/07/17, version 0.4b: sysopview-0.4b.tgz
2012/07/07, version 0.4: sysopview-0.4.tar.gz
2012/06/22, version 0.3: sysopview-0.3.tar.gz

Please read the included 'readme.txt'-file to get started.
Also please note that it requires at least GCC 4.6 due to the c++11 constructions used.
You are welcomed to create enhancements and/or fix bugs. Patches will happily be accepted.

Please read the 'readme.txt'-file included, especially when the program exits with an error: most likely you need to adjust a configuration-file because for example a path to a font-file is different on your system.
It also describes how to build the program - it requires a couple of libraries.

Note: the included animation script-file is (almost) empty! So unless you enhance that file, you probably want to start SysopView with the '-s' flag!


I've uploaded an example of it running on my laptop.

For the ones without youtube, here are screenshots (click to enlarge):


Send a mail to with "subscribe sysopview" in the subject.


2012/07/180.4cCompile fix for systems using libpng1.5 (e.g. fedora 17). Also adds Nagios filtering.
2012/07/170.4bAnimation improvements.
2012/07/070.4Several small fixes. Also video4linux is now optional, enabling you to build the program on other UNIX systems as well.
2012/06/220.3First version to be released as tar-file. This version can now connect to a VNC server and show its view in a window. It also supports Kinect sensors and can use some features of OpenCV (e.g. face recognition). Also the animations are more fluid. Furthermore it can now also do "remote sniffing": a small application can then be run on the internet-gateway which then sends the sniffed data to the SysopView instance somewhere on your network. For the people who don't like the build-in default animation-script, the program now has a animation-scripting module. Please note that it needs GCC v4.6 to compile.


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