Zarafa is an opensource groupware solution.


  • e-mail
  • agenda (private/global)
  • calendar (shared, delegations)
  • webmail, mobile phones (active sync), plugin for outlook
  • video chat (also groups)


  • can interface to postfix, exim and others (so that you can integrate it with e.g. existing anti-spam-solutions, virusscanners, etc)
  • gateway for pop3 and pop3s (pop3 over SSL)
  • gateway for imap, imaps (imap over SSL)


  • caldav gateway
  • ical gateway


  • support for all major browsers
  • support for all functionality of the zarafa suite
  • video chat (one-on-one and in a group) without plugin (via webrtc)

mobile phones

Via "active sync".

  • android
  • iphone
  • microsoft telephone

plugin for outlook

Gives the full outlook-experience only with a zarafa server backend.

video chat

Web chat in your browser. No plugin required, only webrtc (which is included in at least google chrome and firefox).

  • one-on-one
  • group chats
  • also for people who do no have an account on your server

The Lotter allows you to participate in lotteries from all over the world!