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To do

There are a few requested changes/additions. I do accept (and integrate) patches supplied by others (might be you!). You can send them to


  • autoconf MultiTail really needs to be migrated to autoconf. The hardest part is that I want the autoconf implementation to be compatible with all UNIXes supported sofar by MultiTail.
  • localisation I can imagine it is usefull for some people to have MultiTail "speak" to them in their own language.
  • --after-context and --before-context Grep can display a few lines before and after the line that matches the expression. Would be nice if MultiTail could do this as well.
  • single line changes detection For when monitoring commands that simply emit things like '...' for a while on a single line.
  • force follow a new file As with the base tail -F is force follow. works well when your tailing a directory where a new file will be created.
  • retry missing filenames when following a filename (and not descriptor), retry a while when the filename disappears
  • speed control Not just display when everything comes in at the original speed but have some maximum speed so that everything can be read while displaying. This requires some buffering to be added with probably an upper bound. And of course multiple options for what to do when the buffer is full (overwrite, completely flush, abort, display error with number of lines ignored, etc.).
  • beep (or flash) if N lines matching regular expression E are/are not processed in M seconds Examples:
    Flash if 5 or more lines matching e.g. "[Ww]arning" are processed in 15 or fewer seconds
    Beep if no lines are processed in 3 minutes
    Beep if 1 or more lines matching "Heartbeat OK" are not processed in 2 minutes

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